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International Motors

The automobiles we specialize in are among the most sophisticated computer controlled cars on the planet. International Motors (IM) has all of the necessary factory tools and diagnostic computers to communicate with these complex systems to properly and accurately discover the problems. We invest tens-of-thousands of dollars a year in equipment, software and training to provide the information you expect from a dealer with personal service you likely won’t get.

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Owned and operated by Sean Zarrinkouh, a Bosch Master Technician (BSCS), with a staff of ASE/Bosch Certified Technicians who love what they do. This passion, supported by continual training means that everything that can be done will be done as quickly, correctly and as reasonably as possible.

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For people who own older model cars that the dealers seem to not be interested in or even trained to deal with, IM is like water in the desert. The older a car is the less it relies on computer analysis and the more it demands experience and common sense. Many of the cars serviced by IM are older models. Cars that were the best of their day and are still considered among the best. Sean’s approach to these automobiles is to maintain and repair them to the standards the original manufacturer intended and the owner expects.

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Over the years International Motors has evolved to handle many more automobile marques. We now handle just about all German cars and most of the high-end vehicles in the Palm Springs area.

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